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Mission & Vision

HWVS is a pioneer in quality education. With an in-house R & D ( Research & Development) division which is constantly tuned into the newest of technologies...

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Admission is open to all Indian children in all classes subject to qualifying the Admission Test, availability of seats and at the discretion of the school authorities...

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Hanswahinee Vidyasagar School having Library, Well Equipped Laboratories,Smart Class,Health Center, Transportation,Safety & Security,Auditorium...

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Hanswahinee Vidyasagar School having different kinds of Activities like Assembly, Sports, Club and Houses, Co-Curricular...

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Welcome To Hanswahinee Vidyasagar

Knowledge is limitless and hence the challenge enshrined by us is Mr Ram Prakash Sahu. All our efforts are directed towards meeting this challenge. Our School endeavors to provide the right opportunities and environment for the harmonious development of the Student's mind to enable them to become good human beings, responsible citizens and attach what our ancient Rishis were able to achieve in knowledge.
Though an Aryabhata or Chanakya is born once in a thousand years, we at HASWAHINEE VIDYASAGAR Schoolwill help the child to take his first step to acquire part of the limitless knowledge.
The child is the most ambitious dream of every parent. We help young minds to ignite global thinking through Indian ethos. This is an invitation to all those parents who think that Complete Personality Development of their children is one of the most important aspects of their life.

Thought of the Day!

Your dreams are there to serve you in working out issues and problems you may be facing in life. ~ K. O. Morgan